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      Working platforms

      Ever-tighter safety regulations and extensive assembly times of a suitable working platform increase the complexity of service work on conical process vessels. For such requirements we have designed an intelligent solution: the customer-specific, modular working platforms for conical process vessels, such as reactors, orbital arm and screw dryers and conical mixers are secure, fast and easy to install. 

      The platforms consist of a stable aluminum construction, are TÜV certified, CE-compliant and can be reused for many years. Their modular design enables installation via man-way or other vessel nozzles.

      The individual modules have a low net weight and are easy to handle: The platform is securely fastened with just a few screws. Special rubber pads protect the vessel's wall surface. Upon request, we provide working platforms with rescue hatches and any type of flaps – tailor-made to meet customer requirements. Additional features such as ladders are also provided. 

      Please find here more information about our working platforms.

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